Creative Cramming

🙂 The world is full of nouns, verbs, actions, persons, things, joy, sadness, mystery, endings, beginnings, and dilemmas. – #PurplePearlEyes

Jespersen Writing Tips

At times it can be difficult to invent a new idea; the premise behind it is flawed at its core. So, what can one do when faced with the infamous “Writer’s Block”? Well, each writer has his/her own process and it is best to stay true to that process. If you are accustomed to cracking open a bottle of Merlot, putting on some music, and lighting up before you sit down to create your next masterpiece, then that is precisely what you should do–you may simply end up typing a slew of slurred, jumbled, discombobulated (and yes, I realize that is not an actual word, but it ought to be one) mumbo-jumbo, or you could write the next best-seller in your drunken stupor. Personally, I forgo the wine, music, and tobacco and try to get in as many words as possible when I find a quiet moment; once the kids…

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