Three Little Words

“Less is More.” Can you really? Less is more luck or just wit. – #PurplePearlEyes

Silicon Spatula

The saying goes “less is more.” Except, of course, in academic writing, where “more is more.” Effectively, the more verbose, wordy and academic-sounding a work reads, the better it seems, regardless of actual content. This logic has unfortunately mixed into the worlds of Literary Criticism, Gender Studies and Postcolonial Theory, with awful results.

Consider titles. Once upon a time, books had them. Sometimes they were short and sometimes they were clever and sometimes they managed to convey the essence of a work without heavy-handedly giving away the plot. Take, for example, William Faulkner, who knew how to write a title, even if it only meant repurposing quotes from Shakespeare or the Iliad or the Bible. The Sound and the Fury. As I Lay Dying. Absalom, Absalom! Roll those around your tongue a little bit.


But students of literature seem to have been taught that the more academic-sounding a title, the…

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