NAME: Carolina. (Yes like the state, and I like South Carolina because I live in the south [TX])

AGE: 23 old Maiden

DNA: Female, Definition: dreamer, wanderer, intelligent, and sensitive.

SPEAKING AND READING SKILLS: American English and Mexican Spanish and little of Spain Spanish

POLITICAL VIEW: Republican, Definition: I believe in conservative authority, without religion and public Opinion pressuring a balanced authority

FAVORITE INSPIRATIONSeventeenMod ClothFree People, ‘ The Economist’-Johnson,

SPEND MOST OF MY TIMEFree People Blog | Bldg 25Pearl TreeTwitterPinterestWe Heart It,


I am a Political Scientist and Spanish Undergraduate. Basically, I keep a cool head when I am listening about politics, but I like to keep a very open-mind about individual and group opinions about government, politics, and authority. I love the passion of the Spanish language, art, history, culture, and people, but I could not decide between Spain and Mexico. I love these beautiful countries having visited Madrid twice and visited Pachuca many times growing up. I visited Rome for a three day excursion, and I realized the world was bigger than I could truly imagine. I not a people person, but I believe a psychology minor clash or make them insecure when I talk to them.



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