The Fascinating, Handwritten Poems of Famous Authors – Flavorwire

Virginia Clemm Poe’s Valentine’s Day Poem to her Cousin and Husband Edgar Allan Poe.

The Fascinating, Handwritten Poems of Famous Authors – Flavorwire.

I must share an awesome find. Handwritten Poems. greatness. hearts.


Creative Cramming

🙂 The world is full of nouns, verbs, actions, persons, things, joy, sadness, mystery, endings, beginnings, and dilemmas. – #PurplePearlEyes

Jespersen Writing Tips

At times it can be difficult to invent a new idea; the premise behind it is flawed at its core. So, what can one do when faced with the infamous “Writer’s Block”? Well, each writer has his/her own process and it is best to stay true to that process. If you are accustomed to cracking open a bottle of Merlot, putting on some music, and lighting up before you sit down to create your next masterpiece, then that is precisely what you should do–you may simply end up typing a slew of slurred, jumbled, discombobulated (and yes, I realize that is not an actual word, but it ought to be one) mumbo-jumbo, or you could write the next best-seller in your drunken stupor. Personally, I forgo the wine, music, and tobacco and try to get in as many words as possible when I find a quiet moment; once the kids…

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Three Little Words

“Less is More.” Can you really? Less is more luck or just wit. – #PurplePearlEyes

Silicon Spatula

The saying goes “less is more.” Except, of course, in academic writing, where “more is more.” Effectively, the more verbose, wordy and academic-sounding a work reads, the better it seems, regardless of actual content. This logic has unfortunately mixed into the worlds of Literary Criticism, Gender Studies and Postcolonial Theory, with awful results.

Consider titles. Once upon a time, books had them. Sometimes they were short and sometimes they were clever and sometimes they managed to convey the essence of a work without heavy-handedly giving away the plot. Take, for example, William Faulkner, who knew how to write a title, even if it only meant repurposing quotes from Shakespeare or the Iliad or the Bible. The Sound and the Fury. As I Lay Dying. Absalom, Absalom! Roll those around your tongue a little bit.


But students of literature seem to have been taught that the more academic-sounding a title, the…

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